Условия гарантии

На все велосипеды нашего интеренет-магазина действует пожизненная гарантия! 

На все компоненты, велоодежду Parentini и аксессуары действует гарантия 1 год! 


Добро пожаловать в клуб Пожизненной Гарантии от BH Ultralight Bikes!

  BH Bikes provides each original purchaser with a lifetime warranty against material and manufacturing defects in accordance with the following clauses:

1.      The lifetime warranty is applied only to those BH frames sold in authorized BH points of sales.

2.      Conditions to be met:

a. The authorized BH point of sale should register the warranty online, duly completing the information, within 30 days of the date of the purchase.

b. This warranty is not transferable, and it terminates upon transfer of the bike to a third party. For the purposes of this warranty, the original purchaser is understood to be that individual registering the warranty at the moment of the purchase, with the warranty not being applicable to any individual other than the original purchaser.

c. Perform all maintenance operations on the bicycle in a BH-approved establishment, following the requirements as indicated in the manual. All maintenance operations should be noted in the corresponding service sheet of the bicycle’s user manual, duly completed in the BH point of sale.

3.      This lifetime warranty will not cover, under any circumstances:

a. Rear stands of double suspension models, children’s bicycles, and any defects in paint or corrosion.

b. Defects or damage caused by an accident or improper or negligent use of the bicycle.

c. Assembly of components or accessories that are not compatible with the intended use of the bicycle.

d. Defects caused by improper handling.

e. Defects caused by normal wear of the bicycle, including those caused by material fatigue. Damages due to fatigue are symptoms of normal use wear of the frame. This is a normal type of wear, and therefore it is the user’s responsibility to periodically examine the bicycle.

f.  Defects caused by improper maintenance operations.

g. Bicycles that have been used for competition, demo or rental.

h. Replacement frames in the scope of this lifetime warranty.

4.      Observations:

a. Acceptance of this warranty is ultimately subject to the decision of the BH Bikes Service Technician, upon conducting a specific analysis in order to determine the nature of the breakage and/or defect.

b. In no case shall this warranty cover personal damages that may result either directly or indirectly from failure of the same during its use.

c. The customer will be responsible for shipping and labour costs generated by the application of this warranty.

d. During the validity period of this warranty, BH will repair any defective frame or part, or, if they so choose, replace the part or frame with another of the same model or from the most similar model available, with the exception of any component substitution made with pieces that are not compatible with the substituted part.

e. The extension of this warranty will only be valid for bicycle lines posterior to 2014.

f.  All claims subject to this warranty should be channelled through an official BH distributor.