BH G7 Dura-Ace Di2

Аэродинамика для скорости без границ! 

Обновленный BH G6 Pro - это аэродинамика и скорость без компромиссов и ограничений.

Its sloping geometrics stimulate speed even in sinuous areas and with curves because it allows precision handling over the chosen route. Manufactured in Monocoque carbon fibre and with HCIM technology. Its 860 gr* in M size, optimize lateral rigidity with its re-dimensioned stays, its BB386 EVO crank set and the 1.5" steering post. The Direct Mount brakes situated on the fork and the inner stays and the D12 battery integrated into the seat post directly contribute to maximum performance and aerodynamics.


The frames aerodynamic qualities and aggressive confidence inspiring design urge the rider to speed, accelerate and go all out, all while devouring kilometres. From the first turn of the pedals, the G6 exhibits tremendous efficiency all while highlighting why small details are important in top-level competition. The G6 has its own very personalized style and aggressive design profile which is founded upon the companies rich century old cycling heritage, a combination unmatched in the bicycling industry today.


Our innovative frame building technology allows BH to accurately control and optimize the material thickness throughout the entire frame design. Selecting the most appropriate carbon to support our targets for weight, stiffness and ride compliancy allow BH to achieve the engineered balance that our frames are known for. The result is a spectacular, lightweight yet aerodynamic design with exceptional rider power transfer and unparalleled vertical compliancy.


The G6 incorporates the BB386EVO bottom bracket system which is 86.5 mm wide which allows for full bearing support within the bottom bracket itself. This wider shell design allows for increased surface area for improved stiffness, rigidity and design flexibility. The result is exceptional lateral rigidity and improved stability, control and efficiency in each pedal stroke.¡


The G6 frame utilizes a compact frame geometry that provides exceptional standover heights in all frame sizes and allows for greater tortional frame stiffness. The frames geometry was derived from years of development experience focused on building some of the best climbing bikes in the world that offer optimal handling, immediate acceleration and an overall confidence like nothing else in the industry.

Технические характеристики: 

Код:   LD607
Рама:   G6 Pro Full Carbon
Вилка:  G6 Pro Full Carbon 1.5"
Манетки:  Shimano Dura Ace DI2
Тормоза:  Shimano Hydraulic DirectMount
Задний переключатель скоростей: Shimano Dura Ace DI2
Передний переключатель скоростей: Shimano Dura Ace DI2
Кассета:  Shimano Dura Ace 11/28
Система шатунов:  FSA KForce 386 4B
Цепь:  Shimano Dura Ace
Вынос:  FSA Metron 5D Monocoque
Руль:  FSA Metron 5D Monocoque
Подседельный штырь:  BH G7
Седло:   Prologo Kappa 2
Рулeвая чашка:  BH Evo Ultra 1.5"
Колеса:  FSA Vision Metron 40 Disc
Покрышки: Hutchinson Fusion 5 700x28
Зажим:  BH G7
Обмотка:  BH Super Lite
Вес:  7.50 KG. 

Страничка производителя: http://www.bhbikes.com

802 188 р.
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Артикул: L90K6
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