BH SPIKE 27,5" 5.1


29” or 27.5"

The BH Spike frame is perfect for your initiation in 29" and 27.5" MTB bikes. With the 29" Spike on bumpy and stony roads you will easily control the bike because the larger-sized wheel tamps the ground. You will overcome the unevenness a lot easier and gain speed. With the 27.5" Spike you will obtain manoeuvrability in descents, rigidity and it will allow you more aggressiveness In other words, two frames that offer many possibilities for enjoyment.


The geometry and design of the Spike gives it an increased attack angle, offering increased performance and greater comfort during the ride. Its design offers a great sense of responsiveness and the very small distance between the axles and the rider’s centre of gravity means increased stability. The design of the slightly higher head tube offers a more comfortable position.

Tehnilised andmed:

Технические характериcтики:

Код: A1076

Рама: Spike 27,5" Легкий алюминиевый сплав

Манетки: Shimano GT-EF41

Тормоза: V-BRAKE

Задний переключатель скоростей: SHIMANO TX55 7SP

Передний переключатель скоростей: SHIMANO TZ30 3SP

Кассета: Sunrun

Система шатунов: Prowheel

Цепь: KMC Z51

Вынос: BH

Руль: BH

Подседельный штырь: BH

Седло: BH

Рулевая чашка: INTEGRATED

Колеса: Alloy Double Wall

Покрышки:  DSI

Зажим: BH

Рукоятки: BH

Педали: TH

Вес: 14.5 кг.

29 426 р. 32 478
Цвет: Купить

Артикул: A1076
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