TACX VR-Trainer i-Flow T2250Vitrual Reality Trainer

The i-Flow is a Virtual Reality trainer for riders who want

to be entertained while cycling. Thanks to its excellent

value for money the i-Flow makes training in Tacx’s virtual

worlds accessible to everyone. This popular trainer with

ergonomically shaped frame slightly rebounds while cycling.

It is operated through the handlebar interface. The i-Flow

includes the Tacx Trainer software 4, Basic with the possibility

to upgrade.

The electro magnetic brake is less powerful than the motor

brake – the wheel is not being driven – but it does guarantee a

very realistic cycling experience. You can really feel the rolling,

air and incline resistances which you encounter while cycling,

you immediately notice whether you are riding on a paved road,

a wood path, through the sand or on the grass. The braking system

consists of 6 permanent-magnets, 6 controllable electro magnets

and a 2 kg flywheel. The maximum resistance is 800 Watt.

• Training with PC

• Interface on handlebar

• Tacx Trainer software 4, Basic

• Incl. Skyliner front wheel support; FW steering frame optional

• adjustment set for 2 separate wheels with a diameter from

   600 to 640 mm & 690 to 710 mm
Tacx Trainer Software 4, Basic
• 2 computer animated terrains of the visual reality
• realistic films from known races (optional)
• Catalyst Training program

Software licenses
• armament for the forward version (optional)
• Multiplayer License 1 year or ½ year (optional)
• GPS streches by Google Earth (optional)
Electro brake

• 6 permanent-magnets & 6 controllable electro magnets

• 2 kg flywheel

• Max. resistance 800 Watt; adjustable in percent

40 152 р. 44 469

Артикул: T2250
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