TACX Virtual Reality Trainer i-VortexT2170 Virtual Reality-Trainer

The Tacx i-Vortex is all in one. This trainer is ideal for riders who

want to train focused and also want to have the possibility to add

more entertainment to their training sessions. The i-Vortex can be

used as a stand-alone ergotrainer for serious training, for example

to prepare yourself at home for cyclosportive tours. But once you

connect the trainer to the PC, the i-Vortex changes into a Virtual

Reality trainer. With the help of the Tacx Trainer software you can

then ride in virtual terrains or in films of famous cycling classics and

mountain stages, such as the climb of the Mont Ventoux. While the

road is displayed on the screen of the PC, you can feel the gradient

in your legs. Apart from a power cable the i-Vortex is wireless.

Specifications• Training with PC & stand-alone• Handlebar computer, programs manually adjustable• Tacx Trainer software 4, Basic• Incl. Skyliner front wheel support; BlackTrack steering  frame optional
Electro Brake• 8 permanent-magnets & 8 controllable electro magnets• Integrated 2 kg flywheel• Max. resistance 950 Watt; adjustable in percent

40 776 р. 45 142

Артикул: T2170
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