TACX Ergotrainer Flow T 2200

The Flow is one of Tacx’s most popular trainers. This entry-level

ergotrainer, with a frame that rebounds slightly while you ride, is

excellent value for money and very easy to use for everyone.

Heart rate, power output, speed and pedalling frequency are

being measured and visualized on the handlebar computer’s display.

These four training parameters are the most important tools that will

help you towards focused and efficient work-out routines and optimum

performance. While training you can adapt the program for power or

slope resistance from -4 to +9. The electro magnetic brake is managed

The Flow comes with the Skyliner frontwheel support.
Change your Flow in a Virtual Reality trainer

If your budget allows and you’re looking for even more adventure, you can

change your Flow into a Virtual Reality trainer. This requires a special

upgrade kit, Upgrade i-Flow T1925, which includes the Tacx Trainer

software 4, Basic.


• Stand-alone training• Handlebar computer, programs manually adjustable• Incl. Skyliner front wheel support• Upgradable to training with PC
Electro brake• brake system with 6 magnets and 2-kg-flywheel• maximúm resistance 800 Watt

Programmable data

• Slope from -4% to +9%

• Power from 10 Watt to 990 Watt

• Weight 40 to 120 kg

• Speed km/h of m/ph

• Consumption Kcal, kJoule

• Scale factor 80 to 120

Training information

• Speed: current speed, stopwatch, trip distance, total distance,

   maximum speed, average speed

• Cadence: current cadence, average cadence, maximum cadence,

   total number of revolutions during the session

• Power: current power, average power, maximum power,

   total consumption in kcal

• Heartrate: current heartrate, average heartrate, maximum heartrate

• Indicator: indicates whether the current training information is

   running above or below the average

25 969 р. 28 709

Артикул: T2200
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