TACX Rolls Trainer Galaxia T 1100


Many worldclass riders don’t go anywhere without their Tacx rollers.

During their warm-up and training sessions they use the rollers to maintain

their speed and suppleness, essential tools for a track cyclist. Road

cyclists increasingly use the rollers to cool down after a race. The bike

doesn’t have to be attached to the trainer, as with the Booster, and the

rollers run lighter so you can pedal more relaxed. This is perfect for a

good cool-down after a long and strenuous exercise.

Revolutionary "Swing" system

These revolutionary Tacx rollers move with the rider. He can now sprint,

stretch his legs and stand on the pedals without having to be afraid to fall.

He can move more freely, because training on the Galaxia approaches the

natural feeling of the road. Thanks to the kinetic energy that is created

during accelerating, the trainer moves forward. When slowing down, the

trainer moves backward again. This invention is so unique that is has

been patented by Tacx.

• the liberty of the cycling on roles approaches the

  natural feeling of cycling in the street

• conical high-performance roles, sure cycling

• foldable to 80 cm, easy to carry

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Артикул: T1100
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