TACX Cycle Trainer Booster T2500

Cycle Trainer

Let's get started with the Tacx Booster. That stable home trainer

provides purely power. Thanks to its progressive magnetic brake

the Booster provides very high performance at a low rotational

speed. The integrated brake system is comprised of 8 permanent

magnets and a 2 kg heavy flywheel and can reach a maximum

resistance of 1.050 watt. The Booster can be mounted simply and 

because of the special construction it can be prevent that the cycler

comes into contact with the hot flywheel. The Booster is the new 

number one for the pros to warm up and for training units.

But also for the other cyclists who want to "tacx", the popular home

trainer is the right device.
Professional "Tacxing"
The best pros can not do without their Tacx home trainer. They use it

for warming up before the race and for time trial. The tough frame

was conceived for hardest strain and stays safety on the ground.

Exactly this is needed shortly before the start of a race. The extreme

powerful Booster is the absolutely top model of the Tacx Pro Teams.

The Tacx Booster belongs to the official warming ups trainers at the

Tacx Pro Teams, the Olympic Games and the UCI World



• including Skyliner front wheel crutch
• handlebar resistance lever, 10 positions
• Satori frame with stable front struts
• easy to mount brake system
• universal suitable for bicycles with a

  diameter from 600 to 710 mm
Magnetic Brake
• integrated brake system with 8 magnets
• maximum resistance 1050 watt
• 2-Kg-flywheel

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